Teaser video



  1. Grumpy Typewrtier

    Dear NBTS,

    I was looking over Richard Wolstencroft’s blog as I do from time to time when I came across a link to yours. I remembered you mentioned you were working on a docu on a CineTopia post.

    Teaser video looks v.v.good. Better production values than many Australian films. Excellent group of people you’ve managed to interview.

    Can’t wait to see a final cut. A CineTopia Premiere perhaps?

    Grumpy (Paul)

  2. nothingbutthestruth

    Confession: I have no idea what I’m doing. I try to frame every shot as best I can and am slowly discovering the joys of focus, lighting and exposure. I strive for production value but lack the technical expertise. That said, I am getting better with every interview. The best film school is just doing it. When you make a mistake, your inner Gordon Ramsay will ensure you never make it again.

    Hmmm. I should update this trailer, I have so much cool new footage.

    The people make this clip. So many fascinating characters and views.

    Commercially speaking, a CineTopia release would be a good marketing move. Melbourne, one night only, world premiere. How ’bout it Jim?

  3. Peter Turner

    Love the concept – love the idea -love what you are saying and it is all true. Love the comment “This is an Australian movie -so it will be shit.” Oh So True. The solution is simple. Get all the artie fartie shitheads out of the way and make something that people want to watch. Alvin Purple, Mad Max, Stone. No art here just movies for the masses and movies that made big big profits. We almost had an industry but the artie fartie idiots fucked it up and they are still doing it. So forget the funding crap and just make a movie if you want to. By the way when are you going to finish this?

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